Pharmacist of the Year Award:

Presented annually to member making significant and sustained contributions to Nevada pharmacy practice.

2021: Alana Whittaker Pharm.D.

2020: Judi Mattorano Pharm.D.

2019: Gener Tejero, RPh., Solutions Specialty Pharmacy

2018: Nathan Lian, Pharm.D.

2017: Zephanye Sistrunk, Pharm.D.

2016: Adam Porath, Pharm.D.

2015: Paul Oesterman, Pharm.D.

2014: Roseann Visconti, Pharm.D.

2013: Tracie Balvanz, Pharm.D.

2012: Beth Foster, R.Ph

2011: Julie Rodgers, Pharm.D.

2010: Diana Quach, Pharm.D.

Technician of the Year Award:

Presented annually when applicable to member making significant contributions to Nevada pharmacy practice.

2011: Mark Brunton


President's Award:

May be awarded annually at President's discretion to member making significant and sustained contributions to NVSHP.

2021: Lisa Krautstrunk Pharm.D, BCPS, BCIDP

2020: Vanessa Vaupel Pharm.D., BCPS

2019: Ragini Bhakta, Pharm.D., BCPS, Roseman University

2018: Alec Madriaga, Pharm.D. Candidate C/o 2019 Roseman University

2017: Roseann Visconti, Pharm.D.

2016: Heather Townsend, Pharm.D. BCPS, CGP

2015: Alana Whittaker, Pharm.D.

2014: Susan Nguyen, Pharm.D.

2013: Ragini Bhakta, Pharm.D., BCPS

2012: Roseann Visconti, Pharm.D.

2011: Loida Nguyen, Pharm.D.

2010: Gary Brooks, Pharm.D.

Student Award:

Presented to students who have completed the set requirements for that year.

2012: Anthony Fermin, Class of 2013 and Sital Patel, Class for 2014
2011: Tera Tran, Class of 2012, Bhargav Shah, Class of 2013 and Henry Kim, Class of 2014
2010: Sloka Manvi, Class of 2011, Mohammed Sammei, Class of 2012 and Olivia Yang, Class of 2013


Bowl of Hygeia Award

The following NVSHP Members have been recipients of this prestigious award

2020: Dan Heller Pharm. D.

2019: Diana Quach, Pharm.D., BCGP Southwest Medical of OptumCare

2018: Roseann Visconti, PharmD

2017: Mark Decerbo, PharmD

2016: Adam Porath, PharmD

2015: Heather Mooney

2013: Scott Mambourg

2010: Katie Craven

2009: Beth Foster

2008: Paul Oesterman

1989: Jannet Carmichael